Making work flow is our promise

Our workflow solutions come from over 50 years of experience.

Over the last 50 years we’ve seen incredible changes from the humble printer and fax machine through to the automated document solutions that can capture and transform data, and then deliver it directly into your business systems right where it’s needed most. We’re proud to say that we have not only kept up with technology, but are leading the way with awards every year.

Better partners mean better solutions

BBC Digital has a number of industry partners including Canon, HP and Fuji Xerox. These relationships ensure that the solutions we implement are long term, high quality and fully supported. Our years of experience, aligned with our long term, strong partner relationships gives you assurance that we will help you to build the right solution.

BBC Digital Service –  Some KPIs BBC Digital are Proud to share.

  • BBC Digital provides their clients a guaranteed average response time of under four hours,
    with their current average of just over three hours

  • First time fix. Our target is to fix more than 90% of all service calls on the first visit. To make this possible, we carry more than $700,000 in parts within the group – technicians carry around $30,000 each, which is replenished as used and regularly reviewed to keep it current

  • We have a documented commitment to a comprehensive training program for our technical team. Our average tech has more than 10 years industry experience.

  • We are connected to an Australia-wide network of Branches and Alliances to support you wherever your offices are located.

It’s never been easier with BBC Digital’s 100% inhouse Finance

Through our specialised finance options, BBC Finance is able to arrange complementary funding solutions that are designed to match your Workflow Solution, which includes 100% software and services transactions.

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Our Values and Behaviours


  • Establish clear execution
    strategies to achieve targets
  • Generate activity both in the workplace and between staff and clients
  • Environment where personal or team achievement/success is recognised


  • Offer complete transparency between BBC staff and our clients
  • Set honesty, diligence and reliability as the basis of our business
  • Stand by our business promises


  • Friendly and helpful customer service/call centre staff
  • Provide quick resolutions to reported problems
  • Training programmes to ensure staff have the experience and knowledge to offer solutions


  • Encourage innovative and creative approaches to business processes and solutions
  • Create an atmosphere that supports personal and team creativity
  • Receptiveness to change


  • Cultivate a workplace environment based on trust and respect
  • Positive and effective communication between staff at all levels
  • Offer assistance and support to all members of staff


Year after year we are achieving awards in our field of service.

We are happy to announce that in 2021 for a fourth time we have been named the Canon National Partner of the Year!

By continuing to bring our company values into every customer relationship we are able to focus on client needs and strive to deliver the highest level of support and bring a spark to everyday business life with the latest technology that can not only help save time and money, but is better for the environment too.