Fleet Rationalisation

Get your print fleet up to speed to save time and money.

Output represents a significant expense to most businesses. According to accepted industry experience and research, enterprises currently spend from 1 to 3% of their total operating expenditure on hardcopy output. If staff productivity, document production, handling and storage processes are considered these costs rise significantly.

BBC Digital has developed an approach to output device deployment called “Right Fit” that enables organisations to take advantage of the opportunities presented by output for cost containment and improved business performance. Right Fit acknowledges that individual workgroups are unique and have unique output requirements. Once an individual workgroup’s requirements are understood most organisations recognise that optimum deployment and user efficiency is achieved through a tailored device deployment.

Substantial cost savings can be made when a Right Fit solution is applied to an unrationalised fleet. These savings can be made with minimal risk of departmental resistance and provide productivity improvements that typically exceed the hard cost savings.

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