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  • Make your work flow

    We make printer copiers really

    pull their weight. Nigel loves it.

    You'll love it too.

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  • Herron Todd White saves time and makes money

    How BBC Digital helped improve staff productivity
    by reducing printing time.

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  • An electronic filing cabinet
    for your documents

    Capture, organise and access content,
    documents and reports with superb

    Document Management
  • Capture your data,
    then set it free

    Scanning has evolved!
    Powerful new software scans
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  • Transform
    the way
    you work.

BBC Digital - Making work flow

For over 40 years BBC Digital has been making work flow. Our strategy has always been to be proactive rather than reactive. We offer complete workflow solutions covering the three key areas of document control:

  • We carry the latest hardware and consumables in printers, copiers, scanners, and fax machines
  • Our managed print solutions can optimise devices, workflow, and maintenance to control cost
  • Our business automation and management provides software solutions to capture data directly into your business systems

We use our experience and technology partners help assess your current situation, make suggestions on how to use your current devices, and offer more efficient and cost-effective equipment if needed. Whether you use our tools to drive productivity or cut costs, BBC Digital can help you save time and money.

Contact us today for a free Worklow Analysis and watch your work flow.

Print Less, Automate More

BBC Digital - Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Printing has turned out to be easy to the point that we don't think about it, with a run of the typical little business having a few fax machines, copiers, and scanners. Printer speeds are fast to the point that for some it's a delight to hit the Print button from their work area and discover a 50-page document holding up when they arrive. Duplex printing? Who likes it? Also, shouldn't something be said about the abandoned  printouts at each printer station? Frequently, those are overlooked or out of date as fast as they're printed. Documents, however simple to duplicate, aren't expendable, but their short life and waste are costly. Appears we've fallen back to old habits for requiring paper and, truth be told, creating a greater amount of it this time around.  Read more

Top 4 ways Invoice Scanning Saves Staff Time

BBC Digital - Thursday, September 15, 2016

Consider the following ways that business invoice scanning can make your invoice input, payment, filing, and searching faster than ever, saving you time and money.  Read more

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