Reduce Accounts Payable processing costs by up to 60% and grow your profit margins

BBC Digital has the tools to help your business cut down the time spent on Accounts Payable processes. Get faster solutions, save money, and deliver a new level of efficiency.


Fast processing

When handling invoices manually it can be difficult to stay on top of every requirement such as early payment discounts. Streamlined automation will help to speed up processes while ensuring everything gets ticked off along the way.


Cost reduction

Avoid driving up unnecessary costs. A study by Sandsky Group found that using electronic AP processing is 63% more cost-effective than manual processing.


Improved accuracy

Digital automation works to assist processes so that important factors aren’t overlooked (which can easily occur when manually dealing with paper documents). By going digital, a clear and transparent trail is kept for easy audits in the future.


Visibility of information

Gain back control and track whether an invoice has been received, processed or paid with ease and make updates when needed.



Stay aligned with The Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act by ensuring progress payments can be recovered when needed without a glitch.


Data retrieval

Storing physical invoices can be costly and it also makes locating information a challenge. With digital automation you will have access to technology which can find everything from audits to vending inquiries, fast and efficiently.

Get discounts on 2 workflow packages this Spring until 30 November


Ideal for smaller companies requiring basic, streamlined processing for paper invoices, fax, electronic invoice and PDF files.


Suited to companies that require advanced invoice processing with multi-level reviewing platforms. Track payments from beginning to end with complete transparency and easy scheduling.

T&Cs: *Discounted packages available until 30 November 2017. 24% off Construction Lite® and 15% off Construction Heavy®.



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