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St Francis Xavier College is a coeducational Christian College in the Catholic tradition based in Canberra. It has 1,200 students and a dedicated staff of 150. When Geoff Smith, network manager, St Francis Xavier College started in Sept 2000 there was little infrastructure and no IT network in place.

In 2013, the college has much more advanced technology with 500 desktop computers, 110 staff laptops, and 800 students with laptops. However, the college still faced significant challenges with its print environment. Its primary challenge

was to reduce costs, reduce waste as well as future proofing its environment by facilitating printing from mobile devices, including iPads and iPhones.

“Printing has been a huge problem for many years, as technology in the college has grown more and more,” said Geoff Smith, network manager, St Francis Xavier College. “Students had three printers they could send jobs to and with 30 or 40 students waiting for each printer, there were not only long queues but they would often print their document multiple times to ensure it had printed. Students would retrieve a copy but wouldn’t realise they had another four or five prints on the way. There was no way of controlling when the documents came out of the printer.”

As a result of its inability to control when documents came out of the printer, St Francis Xavier College found it had a huge amount of wastage with its current print system filling 200L recycling bins next to each of its three printers on an almost daily basis.

The college, therefore, looked to implement a solution that improved its print management system by reducing paper consumption and waste.


Canon Australia was selected to implement its uniFLOW software across the college integrating with its existing Ricoh devices to reduce both costs and waste.

“I was really impressed by the

simple and seamless demo from Canon Australia. We saw a basic demonstration of how you could send a print job to the unified driver from any device, iPhone, computer or a tablet and how it just worked seamlessly from the user’s perspective. It was exactly what I was after,” said Geoff.

“We don’t know with the death of the digital education revolution whether we can support laptops long term. We may have to support a BYOD environment in the future and I want to have a simple way if we go down that road to ensure the students are the least disadvantaged that I can manage,” added Geoff.

With uniFLOW ‘Follow Me Print’, a user can print a job on any device regardless of where the job was sent to or from. Additionally, one of the solution’s key features is the print-release function, where all students and teachers must swipe an identity card before their print job is released.

Any print jobs that are not released with 24 hours are automatically deleted, thereby reducing waste. The Rules & Routing module also allows the college to set intelligent rules around printing.

“With uniFLOW, the students print to the central print queue for students and they can go to any printer they want, reducing waiting time at the printer and reducing the number of uncollected print outs through unnecessary printing,” explains Geoff. “Additionally, with the print controls, our students aren’t allowed to print colour, only staff can. But they know that print costs for colour go to the head of department and to keep that in mind otherwise they’ll lose the ability to colour print.”

The reporting system of uniFLOW allows St Francis Xavier to monitor, track and control how much each printer, department, project group or user is costing the college. This enables it to better manage its print costs, by tracking print usage and attributing costs to the correct department.


The uniFLOW implementation has significantly reduced the costs of the college’s print environment by automatically managing the volume of colour printing, as well as reducing the volume of unnecessary prints.

“It has been a refreshing change from the standard dealings I’ve had with integration companies – most I’ve had to deal with have promised a lot and delivered little. So far Canon has promised a reasonable amount and delivered on all of it, so it’s been a refreshing change,” added Geoff. “Canon so far has been very professional, proactive and supportive. At this point in time I have no qualms at all in recommending Canon to other schools that want to go with a unified print solution that is easy to manage and will significantly cut costs.”

The implementation of uniFLOW at St Francis Xavier College enabled it to significantly reduce the costs of its print environment as well as reduce waste from uncollected prints. It also set them up for the future, enabling printing from mobile devices across multiple platforms.

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