1. Check the electrical outlet Is it working? If they have a power protection device, is the light on? Plug something different into the outlet to check.

2. Always look at your operation panel before calling for technical help – Record any letters or numbers displayed on the panel. If possible, run a diagnostic printout. This way, when you call for technical help, it is much easier.

3. If your equipment is connected to a network – Check to see if it works by pressing a button, as the problem could be within the network, not the hardware.

4. If you can’t print, copy, scan or fax from an individual workstation, try another workstation – Log on and/or turn off the affected workstation and retry it.

5. Find out if any recent modifications have been made to the network – Has a new piece of software been added? Has the system been upgraded? Has new hardware been added to the network? If so, contact the network administrator first.