Documents—both paper and electronic—are essential for effective internal and external communications, and are critical to a company’s success. In this age where the sheer volume of information is growing exponentially, managing all of it can be a challenge. 

According to Kevin Craine, author of “Designing a Document Strategy,” document-related tasks take up to 60 percent of the average office worker’s time, and account for almost 45 percent of labour costs. Documents cost both money and labour to create and process. Is your business producing and managing these documents as efficiently as possible? You have a strategy for almost every other area of your business. It’s imperative to also create a document strategy so you will be prepared for the growing volume of information that your company will have to manage in the future.

A successful document strategy will result in increased productivity by your staff through decreased effort, while reducing your document-related expenses. But remember, since all organisations are different, no two document strategies are the same.

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