Canon Wide Format Printers

Bring your work to life with a wide format printer.



The TM-205 T25 MFP scanner incorporates the SingleSensor Technology Assembly, which helps provide consistent and better colour accuracy,
offering you more detail in the shadows and highlights than a staggered CIS array scanner. You can look forward to:

A scanning speed of up to 330.2mm per second (monochrome) and 76.2mm per second (colour)
Being able to scan documents up to 2.0mm thick.
The versatility of either face up, or front load/rear exit scanning.
A straight paper path the scanner and printer working independently and allowing you greater productivity.

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24″ TX-2000

36″ TX-3000

44″ TX-4000


Showcase your technical drawings, proof your designs, and present your work in vivid colour with Canon’s large format printers.
Choose from a range of print sizes and capabilities, and let your work shine through.

You demand the best of yourself,so why settle when it comes to your printer? Take advantage of Canon’s award-winning technology*
and benefit from improved productivity, security and print quality. Designed to meet the needs of architects, designers, engineers
and other creative professionals, the TX Series printers represent the industry standard in large format printing.

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