We live in a world of colour. We use the hues of the rainbow to describe emotions, occasions, the environment. From a kid’s crayon choices of planet earth, to calendaring in a “red-letter day,” or feeling “in the pink,” or downright “blue”—we describe, and therefore live, in a world chock full of magnificent colour. If colour sets a mood that can generate energy (think orange) or helps us replenish (think green) we need to reinvigorate our colour schemes both at home and at work.

Today, the use of “colour psychology” is being used to create a more productive office environment. Based on research of human chemical reactions to colours that elicit a particular response, the concept of using specific colours in our business surroundings is gaining popular momentum. Now we can create a dynamic office based on colours to increase our daily workflow, giving us a tool to aid in productivity and efficiency while providing us the harmony and balance we need to be successful.

According to workplace expert and consultant Dr. Debra Davenport, “We know that colour is a powerful communicator that can cause changes in mood to influence our behaviours. Morale, creativity, efficiency and productivity can all be enhanced with the infusion of various hues of colour.” Davenport goes on to say that, unfortunately, the colour schemes in many offices are limited to monochromatic grays, beiges and whites. This lacks imagination and loses the stimulating effects that colour brings to a room. A palette of colours should be considered which will effect our perceptions, which affects our performance, because the use of colour makes a personal statement—sending a message that your company is “creative and innovative”—while additionally keeping it’s employees inspired, invigorated, and happy.

The use of colour now goes to a range of automated office products which needn’t be bland still. Besides allowing employees to work smarter and faster, the newest office machines are available in colours to lend a bold statement to your office decor. Talk about adding to a dynamic work environment!

Now we know that the impact of colour can affect our attention span, our comprehension, are mood, and can either motivate people or relax them. Employees who used to drab office environments, where bland walls are the norm, will benefit immensely by their manager getting the “green light” to bring in colour to re-energise the staff’s morale, and dare we say, increase productivity!

REDRed stimulates the brain, increasing respiration and energy.

BLUEA room painted blue is said to be relaxing.

GREEN Currently the most popular decorating colour is green. It’s calming and healing, symbolising nature.

PURPLEPurple implies authority and rank, and is often associated with royalty.

ORANGE This colour is an emotional stimulant. People feel more social and joyful.

YELLOW This colour helps people to creatively focus. Good for conference rooms.