How to spend less time on paperwork and increase your profits

If you work in building and construction then you know that growing your business is where your hours should mostly be spent. If your invoices are piling up and you spend more time manually processing paperwork than getting work done, then BBC Digital can help. BBC Workflow simplifies and automates invoice processing so you can spend more time winning new work, working on site and truly managing your projects.

The BBC Digital Solution

document iconDocument capture

Locally or centrally received paper invoices are scanned and immediately sent to Ezescan for processing according to predefined rules matched to invoice attributes (e.g., supplier, amount, buying entity, etc.). Scanned or electronic documents are captured and can be automatically routed and prioritized.

Data verification iconIntelligent data extraction verification and validation

Using intelligent capture, Ezescan extracts relevant invoice information such as company name, invoice number, due date and line item details. Ezescan relies on automated data verification, data validity checks and invoice balance computation to accurately extract data. Captured data can be automatically checked using 2-way or 3-way matching against an existing purchase order (PO). Ezescan will determine whether invoices (with or without a PO) need further validation or if they can be processed for payment.

exception handling iconException handling

If an exception such as price/quantity mismatch occurs, the invoice can be blocked for payment pending validation and approval via an electronic workflow that can be set up to go through one or several users.

payment approvalPayment approval

Once the data is validated, either automatically or by a user, the invoice is posted in the ERP/ business application, and the document image is indexed to the Therefore server. Users can be notified of invoice entry and status.

invoice iconInvoice creation and document archiving

When audit time comes, or in case of a dispute over the invoice, the original document image, corresponding audit trail and history of modifications are readily available to authorized users for consultation at any time.

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