Cost Recovery

Customers have the ability to track and control device output like print, copy, scan and fax, allocate costs automatically, manage device usage efficiently through workflows and rules and routing, and recover costs from external parties.

Advanced and integrated platform applications for multifunctional devices (MFD) that maximises the efficiency of both input (scanning) and output (print, copy, fax) in one application. This enables organisations to effectively control and manage their print environment and also delivers intelligent scanning capabilities.
Allows accounting and cost recovery/disbursement for all device output (print, copy, scan & fax) as well as email and phone monitoring. This can link to all major legal/accounting practice management software, with the ability to produce automated client billing
Basic statistic reporting tools for devices which allows users to track all output from the MFD in terms of print/copy/fax/scans. This is ideal for small businesses with up to 5 devices (max) and enables them to monitor device usage and analyse the costs associated with their print environment.
Fully automates the transmission and receipt of fax documents and allows companies to completely digitise their entire fax workflow and eliminate the need to deploy and maintain remote fax servers in multiple locations. This helps companies increase employee productivity, reduce telecommunications costs and assist with corporate governance requirements.

Print Document

Select what customer you are printing it for. The solution automatically allocates the cost of the print job to the client file.

Copy Documents

At your MFD when selecting Scan document it will prompt you to choose a client number to allocate the costs to which will automatically send the name of the document and the copy job details to their billable account.

Automatic Cost Allocation

Your back end accounting system keeps on hand all costs you have been allocating to the client to ensure your costs are easily recoverable and billable.

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