Data Capture

Transform paper documents into digital form using a Multi Function Device or network attached scanner. Convert time lost in processing paper documents into more productive work that contributes to bottom-line profitability.

Here are a few of the systems BBC Digital can implement:

Advanced suite of capture tools that scans and extracts key information from documents to connect and integrate with your back office in real time. Essentially, it can work to automate manual data entry and processing within your Customer’s business. This can benefit core business functions such as finance, legal, IT and any highly manual or complex processing environment.

Provides powerful document automation and text recognition capabilities that convert scanned documents into useable data that flows easily through business processes. The key strength is the extensive range of 3rd party connectors which link directly into back-end systems, such as Document Management (DMS), Practice Management (PMS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and facilitate effective document workflows.This enables users to scan directly into business processes, transforming time consuming tasks into simple, one touch buttons.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) package designed to convert any scanned document into a usable text file, which can then be modified or simply stored as an editable file. With the best OCR performance in the market, it is ideal for all businesses looking to turn paper documents in to editable electronic formats quickly and efficiently.  

Advanced forms processing applications which enable customers to convert paper based and electronic forms into digital data. It can also automatically capture required data from structured (e.g. credit card application form) and unstructured documents (e.g. a complaints letter or a handwritten document) so it can be saved to a Document Management System or utilised in business processes reducing the requirement of human intervention.


Capture your data or import it directly from a folder or email account. Save and reuse your scan job workflows including digitisation standards and image enhancements. Output your processed data as text searchable PDFs for future reference. Scan and process as much data as you need with no volume restrictions.

 Extract Data

Extract key information from documents to connect and integrate with your back-end systems in real time. Our smart technology allows you to capture data without having to maintain multiple templates. Data values are automatically detected from many locations within your documents  and are validated against your pre-set requirements to ensure data integrity is maintained and exceptions are flagged.


Scanning, image enhancement, data capture, validation and upload automation drastically reduces human error and time
spent on manual processes, improving productivity and creating a more cost effective
relationship with your suppliers.


Integrate automatically with ERP systems. We offer on premise solutions as well as cloud, and
solutions can be customised to meet your unique business requirements.

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