Device Management

Customers can take control of their device fleet by managing multiple devices centrally or, for optimum efficiency, allow the device to manage itself.

BBC Digital have solutions that contain integrated, productive control of printing, copying, scanning, and faxing. To top it all off these solutions also contain the ability for your machines to self-manage their consumables and automatically place orders when needed.

Reduce manual processes

Each month, our software will send an automatic notification of all MFD meter readings directly to our Service Centre, removing the need for you to manually collect this data and therefore dramatically decreasing the amount of administration required to manage your devices.
It also means that counter reporting errors are virtually eliminated, resulting in accurate billing of service.

Better stock management

Storing stock of toner can be an expensive exercise. With BBC, your device(s) automatically notify our Service Centre when you are running low, allowing the correct stock to be sent directly to you. This means that your MFD(s) are always ready to be utilised, while ensuring that you are not overloaded with unnecessary amounts of stock.

Lower device downtime

Based on our Remote Diagnostic System (RDS), our software notifies you and our Service Centre automatically by email when a MFD requires maintenance or is experiencing performance issues, keeping downtime to a minimum.

Suitable for any business

BBC has a range of solution options that can be tailored to suit the needs of your business, no matter the size or industry. With eMaintenance, monitoring your MFD(s) has never been easier.

Investment in cost efficiency

There are many ways your fleet could be costing more than it should. We consolidate costs by simplifying your fleet and use print policies to enable your people to use machines more efficiently

Boost Productivity

Ease the burden on your IT personnel by outsourcing print and document management tasks and free them up for important tasks that actually contribute to your bottom line.

Tools to tighten security

Keep a tight reign on usage and measure print targets, analyse costs by department or user. Avoid security leaks with secure print queue, user authentication, tag and track for sensitive documents.

Make a big impact, make the right impact

Be strategic about sustainability and save money. Reporting tools are used so Canon can monitor usage and provide recommendations, while innovative technology reduces paper, power & consumable usage.


Mobile Printing

Access, Approve & Print, from any mobile device. Yes really, without any drivers.
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Green Printing

We can show you how to save the environment, and your wallet.
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