Digitising your documents through a document management solution eliminates paper from your business processes, replacing them with digital versions. Working with documents in digital rather than paper format will reduce your company’s environmental impact while offering benefits to your business as well, making it a win-win proposition. 

Using less paper is obviously beneficial for the environment. Less paper used means fewer natural resources required to produce paper, lower greenhouse gas emissions produced during transportation, less energy used to create and work with paper documents, and less paper waste ending up in landfills. What might be less obvious is how going paperless can improve your business processes.

Paper documents are easy to misplace or misfile, clutter your office space, make collaboration challenging, limit employee access to information, and present security risks. On the other hand, with your documents digitized and stored electronically, you’ll eliminate these hurdles, improving efficiency and productivity. Digital documents are filed and stored electronically, don’t take up valuable office space, can be worked on simultaneously by more than one person, can be immediately accessed from anywhere, and are easier to keep out of the wrong hands.