Document Management

Document management allows you to create an electronic filing cabinet for all your business information. Stored information can be swiftly and easily located via a universal interface. So user-friendly, all your staff can start utilising it immediately, with minimal training and zero frustration.


Instant access to key information maximises efficiency

Information is the lifeblood of your business – the backbone of effective decision-making. So it’s frustrating when your staff spend countless hours looking for lost information. Document Management can quickly overhaul these inefficiencies with an easy-to-implement storage and retireval system, giving everyone instant access to all the information they need efficiently, economically and securely.

To put simply, Document Management allows you to create an electronic filing cabinet for all your business information. With it, you can capture, organise and access fixed content, images, documents, reports and other business-critical information. Locating stored information is simple via a universal interface, or even the web, so staff require minimal training resulting in a far more efficient way of working.

Document management also allows you to accurately and easily define the permissions for each user for enhanced security. Administrators can be assigned to centrally configure and
define business rules. Furthermore, a digital signature is automatically applied to every document.

To assist your business in meeting today’s document compliance regulations, the new retention policy feature allows documents to be deleted, or old versions to be purged, after a specified period.

From one-user entry-level systems to enterprise-wide deployments handling thousands, document management is a totally scalable solution. Users and input devices, such as scanners and  multifunctional devices (MFDs), can all be added to grow in-line with your business.

Your staff don’t need any previous experience of document management to revolutionise the way information is managed and shared in your business. Capturing, storing and retrieving  information is completely intuitive so that any PC-competent user can quickly get to grips with a far more effective way of working.

Integration with how you work means quick results

Document management dramatically improves the way you use information but more importantly it pays heed to the way you currently work. At its heart is the powerful Solution Designer giving you the flexibility to define workflow processes and storage policies, manage settings, and import new licenses. This way, you’re in complete control, enabling you to realise a faster return on  investment.

The powerful features allow you to create multiple workflows, transforming the way information flows through your business. Editable templates allow you to visualise processes, and drag and drop functionality makes it easy to transform paper-based  workflows into streamlined digital ones. Since tasks can be expressed in days, hours or minutes, it’s easy to see who’s doing what and when, enabling quick resolution of process inefficiencies.

Email audit trails are increasingly important for compliance reasons. Document management enables you to store your emails easily,
safely and securely.
• Microsoft® Exchange – Document management allows emails and their attachments to be automatically stored in the document management document archive without any change to the Microsoft® Outlook® interface
• IBM® Lotus Notes® – Document management permits users to store emails and attachments in the document archive

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