Ideally, your business is working both efficiently and effectively. However, by not having the proper systems in place and your employees properly trained on those systems, many companies are shooting themselves in the foot.

Here are a few symptoms of inefficiency:


Problem – Working with manual systems that reflect the way a company was originally run back when it was founded. Employing methods that aren’t computerised.

BBC Solution – Doc2Flow Streamline Document management and business processes through  a customised business workflow to suit your company.


Problem – Collections, AP, P&L/balance sheets, and reports generated by request with little control and limited monitoring by management.

BBC Solution – Procure2Pay simplifies and automates invoice processing so you can spend less time shuffling paperwork and more time saving money.


Problem – Recruiting, background checks and hiring taking place without job descriptions or a formal process to follow. Training that is haphazard and lacking in form or structure.

BBC Solution – Form2Flow helps automate forms and internally and externally, including form submission and approval processes.