Modern printer and multifunctional machines are designed with today’s workflows in mind. These tech savvy machines go beyond simple printing, becoming increasingly more important as our daily work relies on digital accessibility and integrated systems.

Features & Functions — Making full use of the paper trays can eliminate extra trips to and from the machine, while leveraging passwords and key cards will ensure that printed documents stay secure. Finishing options can save your team hours of tedious folding or stapling, while Wi-Fi printing makes it easy to print on the run. Additionally, odds are your printer features media options beyond plain office paper. Some devices allow you to print on a variety of media, like card stock, stickers, or even canvas.

Apps — Just like today’s smartphones, custom applications are available on office printers. The variety of apps available can help with everything from managing business documents to mobile printing. More importantly, printing from mobile devices and scanning directly to a cloud storage location streamlines workflows, while automated scanning lowers costs. Applications that allow you to print from the cloud or that enable guest printing also help improve efficiency.

Location, Location, Location — Consider changing the location of your printer to better serve your employees. A central location might be the obvious choice, but take into account the type and volume of work that your employees do. You may have one employee who prints a few large documents each week, while another scans dozens of receipts daily. Always avoid high-traffic areas or isolated offices to keep production flowing. Adjusting the location of your device can help you avoid inefficiencies and bottlenecks, allowing your team to function at optimal levels.

Defaults — Pre-programming your printer with preferred settings—or “defaults”—is another necessary step to maximising your printer’s potential. This simple step can have dramatic returns. Two-sided printing, black-and-white, and mandating users print to specific machines (instead of your colour device being an option) can all be predetermined. Spend a little time priming the machine with information such as your most commonly scanned-to email addresses, and you’ll save hours of valuable staff time in the long run.

Since your office printer is more powerful than you think, it may not be efficient for everyone to know every detail about your machine. Consider assigning each printer a “Key Operator”—the go-to person for questions and issues about that machine. If you’re working with a Managed Print Services (MPS) partner, don’t hesitate to call them for help designating presets and ensuring you’re getting the most out of your devices. Your office printer is a powerful machine and a substantial investment, so be sure you’re making the most of it.