At BBC Digital we take ‘green’ seriously.

A more efficient business uses less 
Making our customer’s businesses more efficient in paper use, toner use and printer life is one way we can all help the environment. Our Workflow Analysis is guaranteed to find savings in your business – savings that are earned through the more economical use of resources. And that’s good for everybody.
Other initiatives here include document management and stat capture systems, reducing the need for additional paper files.

Refurbishing and recycling
Demonstration machines and ex-rentals can live again. Many printers can be refurbished and upgraded to latest or recent software and firmware, with considerable savings for business.
BBC Digital also works closely with Close The Loop to recycle toner cartridges etc.

Document Management 

Go Paperless with  a Document Management System

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Mobile Storage: The Green System 

Go green by getting out of the cubical and saving money.

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If you’re still using a traditional paper-based filing system, it’s time you considered the transition to electronic document management. A document management solution allows you and your clients to fully engage in the “Green” movement by significantly reducing the amount of paper waste produced by your company.

Consider these startling statistics about paper: 
 It takes one 15-year-old tree to produce half a box of paper.
 The average office employee consumes about 10,000 sheets of paper each year.
 An office with 100 employees spends about $6,400 on paper each year—and consumes about 400 trees worth of paper!

Sustainable products, such as Mobile Storage, are also “green” in another respect – dollar savings. With the cost to build or rent regular space at anywhere from $25 to $250 a Sq. M and even higher for hospitals or other specialised facilities, Mobile Storage can reduce space needs by up to 75% and greatly reduce the cost of doing business. That, coupled with return on investment to Mother Earth, makes Mobile Storage something people can appreciate.

Document Management can help you achieve your GREEN initiatives by:
 Reducing paper use and waste
 Recycling consumables
 Integrating environmentally responsible hardware
 Minimising energy consumption

Supporting our suppliers green initiatives
Amongst the initiatives we support are:

  • Lanier’s Green Partnership Concept, which aims to reduce environmental impact by producing and selling products with a low environmental impact. Through ‘green procurement’ Lanier attempts to procure raw materials from suppliers that have sound Environmental Management Systems, and also use materials that have a lower environmental impact. Lanier’s partnership includes a ‘take back’ of used printers which are then recycled.
  • Canon has several programs that we support, including Byteback (a take back scheme for IT equipment), laser cartridges recycling through Canons ‘Cartridges 4 Planet Ark’, effective stewardship of all end-of-life batteries through Canon’s Australian Battery Recycling Initiative which uses recovery mechanisms capable of maximising the value from re-use of finite resources and no batteries to landfill.

Proudly supporting Cartridges for Planet Ark.

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