Accelerate your Accounts Payable with SMART CAPTURE!

Leverage AI Technologies to capture your invoice data, and say

goodbye to manually indexing and processing your invoices!

SMART CAPTURE is a better way to index invoices.

Did you know that it may cost your business at least $30 to manually
process a paper invoice and $27 to process a pdf invoice emailed to you?*
In addition to these expensive and time-consuming actions:

  • Review of each invoice and reconciliation with its purchase order
  • Manual data entry into the accounting system
  • Inefficient paper based invoice approval
  • Human error
  • Inaccurate and missed payments
  • Late payment fees
  • Tedious filing and indexing invoices
  • High physical storage facility cost
  • Failed audits and compliance challenges

Reduce Accounts Payable cost and headaches with automated
data capture and streamlined invoice processes!

Save time, increase accuracy, and free up your employees’ time for more engaging tasks.
Interact with your accounts payable tasks anywhere, anytime on any device.
*Australian Taxation Office Fact 2020