Businesses are increasingly taking advantage of the benefits of wide format printing technology by bringing these devices in-house. By doing so, they realize quicker turnaround times for large-scale print jobs, increased flexibility with edits and last-minute changes, as well as improved data security. While wide format printers may require an upfront investment, having one at your disposal will pay off in the long run by reducing the costs of your print jobs compared to outsourcing them to a print shop. To help you make your in-house wide format printing even more cost-effective, here are some simple ways to lower your production costs while still ending up with the best prints possible.

Go Big with Ink Cartridges – When it comes to consumables, buying in bulk generally leads to a lower unit price, and this is certainly the case with printer ink. Larger ink cartridges will result in you paying less per milliliter of ink, providing you with better value. You’ll pay a little more upfront for larger ink cartridges, but they are more cost-efficient than smaller cartridges.

Always Preview Before Printing – Another simple way to lower your wide format printing costs is by cutting down on wasteful printing. Printing out multiple versions of a job wastes paper and ink, which can be particularly costly when using a wide format device. Mitigate this by taking advantage of print preview before actually printing. Use this opportunity to review the print for typos and formatting issues carefully.

Don’t Dodge the Draft Mode – There’s no need to waste precious ink on prints during the editing process or for jobs that are for internal use only. Instead, utilize your wide format printer’s draft mode for these situations when you don’t need pristine color copies. Save the high-resolution prints for final versions or jobs that are not for in-house use to save yourself some money. 

Combine Your Print Jobs – Printing all of your jobs individually uses more paper and has a greater turnaround time. Instead, group your print jobs into one run for a more cost-effective approach that results in less waste.

Wide format printing gives you the ability to print high-impact jobs on a variety of different mediums and is perfect for any size business. By utilizing these techniques, you can make your in-house wide format printing even more cost-effective. If you’re interested in learning more about wide format printing, contact us today!