Mobile Printing

Let mobile transform the way you work

BBC Digital makes it possible to input, retrieve, edit, print and collaborate, share and approve information remotely and securely – in real time.

The ability to access information quickly, where you want it, when you want it, is now at your fingertips.

of CEOs list Mobility as a major focus in 2017
of businesses have used mobile printing and Cloud solutions to extend printing throughout their entire organisation

Work together in real time, from anywhere

Got a business pitch coming up, or weekly management meeting? Key employees no longer have to be located in one place. Now, they can collaborate seamlessly on the go, in real time. You are even able to make and share changes in document and keep a complete audit trail so you know who changed what and when. To find out more about this solution, visit our SMART Devices page.

With BBC Digital’s document management solution you can easily find the business information you need from anywhere, just like searching the web. You’ll then be able to quickly retrieve, group, sort, or print, right from your mobile phone, tablet or PC.

Get out of the office by accessing your documents anywhere, anytime.

With remote access, you can view and manage your documents while on the go from any device. And, if you plan on increasing or decreasing your workplace, Therefore Online is completely scalable to fit your needs.

  Documents Stay secure with advanced protection capabilities

  Time-saving leads to boosted productivity

  Document collaboration keeps processes clear and controlled

payment approval   Cut down on print, paper and storage for consistent cost-saving

Your mobile information is always secure and always avaliable

BBC Digital ensures remote workers have secure access to your information, even outside of the office. Document editing and access rights can be easily set. Using Canon’s portable scanners, documents can be uploaded on the go. All of your data is always backed up and constant monitoring prevents your information being compromised.

The smart way to print from anywhere

With BBC’s mobile printing solution, you’ll be able to send files such as emails and business documents to print from your smart phone while you’re out, and simply and securely release your job to print at any printer when you return to the office. Now you don’t have to worry about your confidential information being left on the print tray after you press ‘send’.

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