The use of mobile storage has presented itself as a “green” solution. Built on the premise of creating aisles only where needed, rather than between each row of shelving, mobile filing is an excellent alternative to traditional methods. With less room needed for storing files, space can be used for other purposes or left out altogether to decrease the building footprint. Built of steel that is completely recyclable, filing systems are themselves sustainable and may provide credits for various rating systems. Secure systems can be designed to ensure privacy laws, such as HIPPA, or inventory control is maintained.

Savings in Space
By addressing the room needed to store paper records, magnetic media, janitorial products, office supplies, hospital supplies like surgical products or any stored items, it can save you upwards of 50% of total space needed. While the shift from the technology of 1896 to the lateral shelf file created an incremental reduction in the size of buildings, the next step, Mobile Storage, offers a quantum leap. Planned correctly and with all but a few aisles removed, Mobile Storage can require half a metre squared or less per 100 filing inches, allowing business to reduce the space needed for storage and the residual heating and cooling expenses for that wasted room.

Small Companies Can Benefit
Contrary to popular perception, Mobile Storage is not a product intended solely for large corporations. The latest U.S. Census shows that there are 60 firms with 20 or fewer employees for every company with 250 or more in the United States. By realising that a system can be created to meet their specific needs, smaller firms can utilise Mobile Storage to reduce their space needs and lower their energy use and emissions. And if enough of them take advantage of these new opportunities, the savings can equate or surpass that of multiple large corporations.

Sustainable products, such as Mobile Storage, are also “green” in another respect – dollar savings. With the cost to build or rent regular space at anywhere from $25 to $250 a Sq. M and even higher for hospitals or other specialised facilities, Mobile Storage can reduce space needs by up to 75% and greatly reduce the cost of doing business. That, coupled with return on investment to Mother Earth, makes Mobile Storage something people can appreciate.

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