Printing Too Slow
Double-check the size of the file that you are attempting to print. If you’re asking too much of your printer’s memory, reduce the file size or collapse memory-hogging layers. If the file size is reasonable, try printing in draft (or fast) mode. Save paper
and speed by switching from double-sided printing to multiple pages-per-sheet. If it’s not the print settings, you may need to check your network connection or upgrade to a printer with better memory and processor speed.

Nothing Printing
Go to printer settings and make sure the correct device is set as the default. If you’re printing to the correct machine, check that the paper tray is stocked and the cable or network connection is secure. If all else fails, restart your computer or printer and attempt the process again.

Poor Print Quality
Make sure that the images on the file you’re printing matches your print setting specs—usually, 300 dpi. If not, poor print quality may mean that you need to resize the image or find a better one. Poor quality can also result if your paper type is incorrect. For smudges and lines, print a few empty pages to clear the toner head.