While we know it’s in our best interest to be active during the workday, it can be difficult to find ways to do so. Here are a few tips to help you get up and moving while at the office.

Go further – Don’t choose the closest photocopier to print your documents to, take the time to stretch your legs when collecting your print jobs.

Stand when you can – Take advantage of opportunities to stand when they present themselves. Stand or pace when on a conference call or reviewing a paper document.

Talk to your co-workers in person – Rather than relying on an email, phone call, or inter-office messenger, get up and go to your colleague’s desk or office and relay your message in person.

Get physical at your desk – Keep dumbbells or resistance bands in your office or at your desk for periodic light exercise breaks during the workday.

Use your legs – If your office is higher than ground level, always use the stairs instead of relying on an elevator or escalator.

Schedule regular group walks – Find other co-workers interested in getting active and schedule a couple of brief walks together during the day.