Cloud based technology has made the traditional IT department’s function around servers and software redundant. Without servers to look after and software rollouts to execute in the post-Cloud cyber space, the modern CIO has the opportunity to find new ways to add value to an enterprise.

Here are three ideas for a CIO to consider:

Be a customer advocate

Being unchained from the hardware frees time up to focus on the customer experience of doing business with your company. By finding ways through technology to enhance that experience – for example by maximising the benefits of integrated Mobility, to ensure your workforce gets to where the customers are – you will remain agile, keep customers and staff in contact and pave the way to business efficiency.

Be a trend evaluator

Knowing how to exploit new technology for the benefit of your business will make you a valuable asset to any company trying to keep pace in a rapidly changing world. For instance the old IT manager would have tried to keep social media out of the workplace. The new ICT chief recognises that customers and brands are pervasive on social media, which means organisations can no longer just close out social usage from their communications. In fact they need to be integrated more than ever.

Training is still vitally important

It does not matter how great the tools are – in this case Cloud-based data– to maximise benefits, staff need to know how to get the best out of them.

The IT expert of old should be the ICT and Partner expert now; actively upskilling and enabling colleagues by finding the right Partner to work with and train your team to maximise ICT return on investment.

The CIO role has changed with the advent of Cloud based technology, creating new opportunities to influence the profitability and productivity of your business.

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