Our Managed Print Services solution help businesses understand their needs and transform document workflows as well as mitigate the business risks associated with the abuse of office equipment.

Auditing is the key stage of rationalisation. This is where you need an outsider to come in and make the tough decisions to ensure objectivity. Larger companies have as many as one printer for every three employees. Auditing is difficult, but acting on that audit is even harder. Few companies are organised so one person has overall authority.

The CIO who can tie up all these strands, or unify purchasing and management under one authority, is laying the groundwork for a much more effective strategy. Again, human vanity is at play so reverse psychology may work in persuading others of your wisdom. Ask budget holders if they want to absorb all the costs for consumables and they may well decide to relinquish control. Once you have all departments on board, a solution is attainable and we can help you find the best MPS for your entire organisation. Call us today for an expert solution.