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Take your meetings with you anywhere with the SMART Room range of Interactive Boards.

 SMART Room System Range

  • Work your magic with any media in ultra high definition. Bring your lesson to the big screen and display your presentations, videos, animations. if your laptop can play it, the SMART kapp iQ can display it in crisp HD resolution.

  • Make education a shared experience. Collaborative learning is limitless. You can write directly on the screen, or connect and contribute from a device on the other side of the world. Share your learning with over 250 people worldwide.

  • Share on any Device. Save and organise notes, all from your iOS or android device.

  • Your ideas are protected. Encrypted connection protect sensitive work and prevent information from falling in the wrong hands.

  • Save and Share. No more frantically scribbling down notes, the SMART kapp lets you email session notes as PDFs or JPEGS.

  • Fit a library in your pocket. Tap the camera icon on the board to save your work. The kapp app library will store and organise your notes to your phone.

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