Small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are embracing the cloud to improve the way they operate and to gain a competitive edge. SMBs are turning to the cloud for a number of reasons, including:

Lower costs – The cloud eliminates the need for costly physical storage, IT maintenance, software licenses, and upgrade fees. These responsibilities fall upon your cloud vendor and are included in your monthly subscription fee.

Improved security – Cloud technology gives SMBs access to stronger data security measures than they have the time, skills, experience, or resources to implement on their own. Having your data automatically backed up and stored off-site provides you with the ability to restore your data in the event of a security breach or data disaster.

Increased scalability – Your business might be small today, but with any luck, you will experience growth in the future. Cloud solutions are scalable, enabling you to easily and affordably accommodate additional employees, locations, etc.

Greater collaboration – Few businesses these days have their entire staff working exclusively from the same location and never away from their desks. The cloud enables your staff to work remotely without any limitations.