SMART Learning Suite Online for Distance Learning

SMART Learning Suite Online enables students to connect remotely to livelessons delivered by teachers and engage in real-time with lesson activities.
Cloud-based classrooms powered by SMART Learning Suite Online easily enable student collaboration on devices anywhere, anytime breaking down the barriers of distance learning with:
Complimentary Access
Flexible lesson delivery
  • Share lessons to student devices to enable a variety of virtual delivery methods – whole class, small group, project-based, individual and collaborative.
  • Flexibility during lesson delivery to go from teacher paced to student-paced anytime.
  • Students can review and complete activities collaboratively or independently at their own pace.
More than just participation – true virtual collaboration
  • Collaborative Workspace activities empower students to work together from home on a shared digital canvas to co-create, add content and problem solve.
  • Shout It Out activities enable students to send text and images from their devices to a lesson. Teachers can then rearrange, organize, and discuss contributions.
Precise virtual gauging of student
  • Support individual learning needs with clear insights into student work from individual handouts, activities and collaborative work spaces to monitor progress and fine tune instruction.
  • Engage students with a variety of assessment types including multiple choice, short answer and true/false questions.
  • Students can see their individual results on their devices.
Google and Microsoft® Integration
  • SMART Learning Suite works with existing technology, familiar platforms and workflows including Google and Microsoft.
  • Students can use their existing Google or Microsoft accounts to access content and continue learning from home.
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