Dress for success – Even though you’re not going into the office every morning, dress as if you were. Casual clothing will put you in a casual state of mind, which can be unconducive for productivity to many people. Dress for work, and you’ll be more motivated to do work.
Create a schedule and stick to it – It can be challenging to maintain any semblance of a schedule while working from home. That’s why it’s important to create one and stick to it. Start working at the same time every day, eat lunch during the same pre-set period each day, etc. Creating a daily routine like you had when going to the office will help you put in the time you need to get all of your tasks done.
Keep taking breaks – When working in the office, we all take breaks. So, why do things differently at home? Schedule in brief recesses during the day to give your mind a respite and take a full lunch just like you would at the office. These intermissions will help keep you fresh at on task.