Companies spend a significant amount of money on printing—up to 6 percent of their annual revenue. Here are some simple tips to help you stretch your printer consumables to maximise their value.

Use quality consumables. Cutting corners by purchasing ink or toner cartridges online from companies you don’t regularly do business with can lead to you getting shoddy or counterfeit products. Always partner with a trustworthy office technology provider for high-quality, reliable consumables.

Ignore “low toner” messages. These messages are often false alarms, as there typically is still plenty of ink or toner left in your cartridge. Keep on trucking until you begin to notice degradation in print quality.

Use less ink/toner when printing in-house or non-critical documents. Using the printing preferences or printer settings tabs on your computer, select ‘Print in Grayscale’ or ‘Print All Text as Black’ to save on toner for everyday printing. Another option is to select ‘Draft Mode’ or ‘General Office’ as your default setting under the print quality option.