While all document management solutions are not the same, there are best practices you can apply to each of them to help get the most out of the one you choose.

Know your documents, processes, and workflows — To ensure your document management solution is properly configured and meets your needs, it’s essential that you know your documents and how they are utilised within your processes and workflows. The average company has a wide variety of documents stored in different places, so it’s important to have a solid understanding of your files and forms.

Carefully classify your content — How should your documents be organised and what sort of permissions should be applied to them? Which employees and departments should have access to particular documents? Should they be classified by client, department, project, date, or another variable?

Have access to the right tools — To accommodate the large volume of paper documents that must be digitised, you’ll need a document imaging device that can handle this workload, be it a scanner or a multifunction printer fast enough to scan thousands of pages in a reasonable amount of time.


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