An attention grabber: You want to start strong, so your first sentence should include something that arouses intrigue with your listener. Whether it’s an insightful fact or an engaging question, by grabbing their attention right off the bat with an interesting icebreaker, you’re more likely to have a receptive audience eager to listen to what you have to say.
Added value: Every elevator pitch should add value to the listener; otherwise, it’s of no interest to them and a waste of their time. It should explain how your company will help them, why they should hire you, or why you’d be a valuable business connection.
Passion: If you’re not passionate about who you are or what you’re selling, it’s hard for others to get excited about it, either. How you convey your pitch is more important than the message itself. Speaking confidently and enthusiastically without “ums” or “uhs” will showcase your self-esteem, making you seem qualified and capable.