Perhaps the best way for a manager to help their employees cope with stress is to be supportive. Let your team members know you understand what they’re going through, that you’re there for them, and provide encouragement. Frequently ask them how they’re doing, if there’s anything they need assistance with, and how you can be of any assistance to them.

Another strategy for managing your stressed-out employees is using the information gleaned from your staff to create solutions to help them manage the demands of their job. Do your team members have everything they need? Have they been properly trained on the resources they’re using to accomplish their tasks from outside of the office? Are there problems with their workflows in the new working environment? Are they overwhelmed?

Finally, keep the lines of communication open, so your subordinates don’t feel like they’re on an island. Working remotely while sheltering in place can cause feelings of isolation and loneliness, especially for people who live alone.