Plan ahead – Carefully plan ahead and make sure any responsibilities that need to be covered by others while you’re out are covered. Doing so will minimize the amount of work awaiting you upon your return, help eliminate the likelihood of fires that need to be immediately addressed, and stave off any guilt you might have about being away.

Ease back into things – To help you ease back into your responsibilities while preserving the positive effects of your vacation, once back in the office, take some time to prioritize your post-vacation tasks based on urgency. Start with smaller and easier tasks at first, pushing high-stress projects or meetings back in the week.

Plan your next vacation –  While you’re enjoying your current getaway, start thinking about the next one. Begin considering where you’d like to go, when you’d like to do it, and with whom you’d like to go. The anticipation of your next vacation will soften the blow of going back to the office, and make tackling the work that awaits you much more palatable.