Print management solutions are rapidly becoming a go-to solution for expanding businesses across the world. The more competitive companies already know that Print management solutions can drastically diminish out-of-control costs related with your office’s print environment.

What you might now know is that print management solutions can also assist your company in achieving their environmental responsibility goals. Print management solutions can aid you in decreasing the environmental impact hugely with minimal start-up effort or capital on your part. Print management systems are rapidly becoming known as a long-term solution for large and small businesses alike.

 How print management works

When you enter a contract with a managed services provider, you’re essentially signing up for optimisation and control of your total print and print environment. Your managed services provider (MPS) will go through a simple process to identify areas of waste or inefficiency in your current printing practices. Then, they’ll work with you to find tailor-made solutions that up productivity and cut costs.

  1. Assessment. Your MPS will look closely at your current printing practices to get a baseline.
  2. Planning. Your MPS will draft and propose a plan to tackle inefficiencies and reduce waste.
  3. Implementation. With the help of your MPS, you’ll implement your new printing plan.
  4. Optimisation. Your MPS will monitor and manage your total print environment to continue optimizing it to your needs.

How print management does green

The basic fact is that print management establishes good business practices to an area that many companies struggle to manage. Good business practices align with green business; cutting waste, improving efficiency, and saving resources all line up for greater profitability and reduced environmental impact.