Here are a few tips to make your next call a quick and productive one.

Smart Devices – In this digital generation it is vital to have up to date technology that gives you the capability of being able to engage with people who are in or out of the office, and give them the ability to contribute to the meeting in the same ways they would able to if they were in the same office.

Set a time limit – Thanks to our fleeting attention spans, humans find it difficult to focus on one thing for longer than eight seconds. The longer a conference call, the more likely that the participants will find other things to occupy their minds. This way you can address the important issues and your employees will not have enough time to multitask, giving you their undivided attention.

Keep the guest list short – Another way to increase productivity in a conference call is by ensuring only those vital to the meeting participate in the call. A general rule of thumb is that a conference call should involve five people or fewer. Everyone in the call should have a speaking point or report for the meeting.

Have a Set Agenda – If you’re unsure of the need for a conference call, then it may be likely that you don’t need one. Having a clear agenda helps expedite a conference call and keep it within the parameters of its purpose. You can outline goals and keep track of decisions made and easily pick up where you left off.

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