Continuously Disinfect Your Office Equipment – From your office phone to your keyboard, you’re constantly touching certain areas of your workspace. To help keep yourself and your coworkers healthy, you must make sure to disinfect these items frequently. Make a habit of regularly disinfecting areas you touch with your hands or mouth.

Wipe it Down – Keep disinfectant wipes on hand and wipe down surfaces and pieces of office equipment like printers and copiers after each use. Additionally, wipe down items such as your phone, keyboard, and mouse with disinfectant wipes. as well as shared spaces like kitchens and meeting rooms after each use to help decrease spreading germs.

Utilise Mobile Apps When Possible
With a rise in mobile apps, many printers and copiers can now be accessed via your smartphone rather than at the device itself. You can upload, print, and scan documents and photos through the app on your phone to eliminate contact with devices..