Summer 2019 Pick Awards

Canon Cruises to Six Copier MFP Picks

“For Canon, it starts with reliability,” said George Mikolay, Associate Director of Copiers/Production at Keypoint Intelligence – Buyers Lab. “Collectively, we ran more than 2 million impressions on these six machines and experienced just three misfeeds. Plus, usability has always been outstanding with Canon—case in point, Canon’s PaceSetter award for Ease of Use: Enterprise Devices, and these devices build on that tradition. The highly intuitive, customizable control panel now combines quick menu options with the main function buttons for easier access, and a new Timeline feature allows users to access their 10 most recent copy and scan jobs very easily and conveniently. Canon’s platform is also setting the industry standard for cloud-based MFPs, with Canon uniFLOW Online winning a 2019 Pick Award for Outstanding Cloud Output-Management Solution. And with very good image quality and outstanding security across speed ranges, the machines promise to get the job done accurately, consistently, and securely, regardless of environment.”