​​​​​​​Convenience. Imagine how much your business processes would be streamlined if your clients, vendors, or employees could sign a document from any device, anywhere, at any time. No longer do you have to print paper documents, mail them, then wait for them to be signed and mailed back to you. Or even worse, consider the hassle of emailing a document to someone, requiring them to print it out to sign and then scan it to email it back, only to find they don’t have easy access to a device to do so. With e-signatures, you can get a legally binding signature on a document without anyone having to jump through hoops. This leads to greater convenience and satisfaction for everyone involved. 

Savings. Money matters to any business, and e-signatures enable you to lower costs. According to LunarPen, companies migrating from paper to e-signatures save between 55 and 78 percent. DocuSign puts those savings at $20 per document. Switching to e-signatures will provide you with an immediate ROI that will improve your bottom line.

Speed. Exchanging paper documents back and forth for signatures can be a time-consuming, highly inefficient process that slows down business processes. Utilizing e-signatures rather than signed documents allows you to cut the time to obtain signatures from days to minutes. Imagine being able to speed up your transactions and workflows this much by simply adopting a secure, simple-to-use technology!