Introducing the TM Series

A printer that provides all the flexibility and functionality of more expensive printers. For small businesses, it’s reason to celebrate. Now there’s no reason why a small business can’t be as productive and as competitive as a larger one.

More Compact 

The TM-200 can be set up against a wall, or even next to desks, without a problem. A lower bottom surface and a sleeker profile mean you get to enjoy all the benefits of a great business printer without sacrificing space you don’t have.

More Accessible

As you can load paper, replace ink, and clear jams without needing to access the back of the printer, the TM-200 can be installed flush against walls. So, not only do you perform all your operations from the front, your printer also takes up less valuable office real estate. For any small business, that can be a real advantage.

More Manageable

With the TM-200 it’s easier to load rolls. Simply slide them in along our new guide rails. Compared to previous models, the loading position is easier to reach from the front, and that means less bending forward or having to kneel into the basket. You’ll also find the holder stoppers easier to attach or remove, and the new lever has been designed to ensure that you know when the stopper is locked or unlocked.

As your media source is determined automatically for you, there’s no danger of incurring printing errors by selecting the wrong paper. You can also monitor how much paper is left on the rolls easily and effortlessly. This allows the printers to estimate the amount of printing left without printing barcodes, saving you money and the time normally required for barcode printing and scanning.

More Secure

Security in the TM-200 has been greatly enhanced over earlier models. Information security for network printers with multiple users has been improved considerably with new measures to prevent intrusion or leaks of confidential data.

With a Host of Supporting Software

TM-series software also supports in-house poster production, and there are plenty of management software options to help make your printing processes more efficient and convenient.

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