Implementing the following printing rules can help keep your business’s environmental impact in check.  

Consolidate Your Machines –
Instead of having an individual scanner, fax machine, copier, and printer, an easy way to green your print fleet is to consolidate your efforts with one or more multifunction printers (MFPs). By switching to an MFP, you’ll not only decrease your carbon footprint, but you’ll also use less energy and fewer supplies, decrease your overhead investment, and free up office space.

Set Pop-up Warnings – Most modern printers will allow for pop-up warnings to alert users of printing rules and the environmental impact of their printing choices when attempting to print. Rather than printing indiscriminately, pop-up warnings will remind users to think twice before printing certain documents, like emails or website pages.

Digitise, Whenever Possible –
Providing digital copies of documents is a much greener practice than printing hardcopy handouts. Document management software can significantly help with your efforts to digitise and meaningfully store your business data.