Gartner, Inc., the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company, released a report that claimed a 1 to 3% of an organization’s entire annual revenues were deployed to cover internal printing costs. This suggests a total global spending of about $150 billion on printing devices, consumables and maintenance.

Gartner’s analysis pointed to the areas of print expense waste that often invade large organizations. Among other things, they included excess capacity, lack of standardization, obsolete or aged devices, unmanaged supplies and user printing, proliferation of small expensive desktop units and fragmented maintenance and service contracts.​

Gartner pointed to savings of 10 to 30% that are realistically attainable with the implementation of an intelligent print management program. So the question is: Is print-based hidden cost savings viable or an illusion?  Is there a proven process, if diligently followed that will deliver organizations to this promised 10 to 30% print savings? The answers to these questions is ‘yes’. With our experience and knowledge of the industry we can cut the guesswork and deliver real savings.