Outsourcing your IT is typically more affordable than hiring your own dedicated team. In addition to the salaries and benefits of in-house IT professionals, you’re also responsible for recruitment costs and on-going training to keep your employee(s) up to date with the latest skills and knowledge. On the other hand, by partnering with an MSP, you’ll have access to a team of IT pros without shouldering the burden of employing them.
Another benefit of outsourcing your IT is access to a broader spectrum of industry expertise. Say your business employs three IT specialists. While these three employees might possess adequate knowledge of general IT services, it’s unlikely their skillsets will cover every aspect of network management. You’re limited to the experience these three employees possess. When you partner with an MSP, you’ll have access to a large, diverse staff and skill set. Having an entire team of IT professionals that continuously undergo training at your service will ensure you are afforded expertise in the latest skills and technology, preparing you for any IT problem that might come your way.