As much as companies today are working towards a “paperless” office, a recent study by InfoTrends indicates that office printing is here to stay for the foreseeable future. In surveying 750 general office workers, InfoTrends discovered that 81 percent of respondents considered the printer the most important office tool—more than pens, staplers, or even computers!  

While 73 percent of survey respondents reported that they’re trying to rely less on printing, 80 percent of printed documents are required for the work to get done. Nearly half of the office workers surveyed print something every day. While paper is still needed in the modern office, employees are witnessing a move toward higher-tech document processes—a shift that eliminates manual tasks and simplifies workflows. Forty percent of respondents said that less than a quarter of their business’s content is still on paper, and the survey found that only 60 percent of all print volume is required in today’s office.

Print technology is adapting to the mobile trend, with companies working to understand technology habits and develop technology that works in concert with the way we work today. Many multifunction printers (MFPs) now offer mobile-friendly printing—from wireless networking to cloud printing and specialised apps. Some manufacturers are even developing portable wireless photo printers for use with smartphones. So, rather than going 100% paperless, adapting to the modern office seems to be the first step answer for most businesses.