Having an understanding of your print environment and its associated costs through a Managed Print Services (MPS) assessment is the first step to streamlining your fleet, maximising efficiency, and decreasing spending by up to six percent of your annual revenue. 

Collect: In an assessment, your chosen vendor will gather and review usage data for each of the devices in your fleet. Standard operational information is initially collected, and this type of usage data helps your provider perform a cost analysis to determine how much printing costs your business.

Analyse: The value in print assessments is realised by how you and your print vendor use the data outputs of the assessment. By analysing the assessment results, your vendor will be able to make recommendations for value-added factors that resonate most with business owners, including enhanced productivity, cost savings, and improved security.

Implement: A dedicated provider will develop and implement a print strategy that suits your unique business needs. This strategy will help your company leverage a standard office practice like printing, enabling you to achieve increased productivity and security, while enhancing your bottom line.