A customer who is happy with your product or service will help build trust with fellow consumers by providing an unbiased opinion of what it is you’re selling. Think of a testimonial as a soft sales pitch, one that can help establish credibility for your business. They serve as referrals for other consumers, who will naturally trust the opinion of another consumer over that of the company itself, which, of course, will only have high praise to offer. A customer sharing a successful experience with your business convinces others they can rely on your company and its offerings.
Testimonials can be used to promote your business in a number of ways. They can be included on your website, used to create case studies, added to your printed marketing materials, posted on your social media accounts, be a part of your email marketing pieces, and even used in sales pitches. Testimonials can come in a variety of formats, from text to audio to video, the latter being particularly effective, as videos are naturally more engaging and come across as more authentic.